Individual and Family Support Services

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BFAIR has been providing Individual and Family Support Services to residents of Berkshire County for over 15 years. The cornerstone of BFAIR’s Family Support Services is to actively listen to families, help identify services that will be useful and creatively find ways to design and deliver support services. We believe that each family is unique and we offer a flexible array of services that are diverse as the needs of the families and individuals we support. Freedom to chose and participate in the design of services is considered a critical component of the supports we offer to families. In order to accomplish this goal, we strive to empower families by providing them with the knowledge and support they need to make independent, informed decisions.

BFAIR’s Family Advisory Committee which meets monthly and is active in many aspects of services including participation in our staff hiring process. The Family Advisory Committee plays a role in setting the direction of program initiatives, elicits input from other family members and provides critical feedback to Program management. BFAIR’s Family Advisory Committee has assumed a leadership role in advocating with local and State Senators and Representatives and the Committee meets with our Legislators on a regular basis, informing them of the impact of issues that are critical to families.

An Self-Advocacy Group is also available in Central Berkshire County. The group was formed 10 years ago with a core group of people who not only wanted to better understand their own rights and responsibilities, but wanted to help others understand their rights and responsibilities. The group meets regularly and works collaboratively on various projects.

Services offered by BFAIR’s Family Support Program include case management, planned and emergency respite for families, outreach, social clubs, bi-lingual services for Spanish speaking persons, intensive flexible family supports for adolescents, education and self advocacy supports, and family workshops.

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